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Escort ready to expose secrets of Wayne Rooney threesome

Helen Wood is set to blow the lid off the shocking world of celebrity vice in an explosive tell-all autobiography that will leave Wayne Rooney

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Parents of murdered Queens jogger meet accused killer.

Cathy Vetrano seethed with anger as she watched Chanel Lewis's arraignment She shouted at the suspect as he was formally charged with killing her daughter Mrs Vetrano

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Young mum 'slashed across face by cheating ex-lover' who warned: 'I'll make sure another man never looks at you'

These are the appalling injuries suffered by a young mum after she was allegedly slashed from mouth to ear by her cheating ex-lover. Siobhan Stevenson’s former

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Trump: Media and Clinton are conspiring against me

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Under fire over his treatment of women, a combative Donald Trumpsaid Friday that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the media are working together to

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Man Wrestles With A Huge Python That Swallowed Two Animals And Forces It To Vomit Them

A man shocked many recently after he wrestled a huge python and forced it to vomit two animals it swallowed.  An Indian man has wrestled a

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Reddit Users Reveal The Stupidest Questions They've Been Asked At Their Jobs

About 3,800 service industry workers responded to viral Reddit thread The post asked: 'What is dumbest question customer has ever asked you?' The responses are priceless -

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Syrian Migrant Helps Capture ISIS Terrorist Who Tortured Him In Germany

Masoud Aqil, 23, was held captive by ISIS psychopaths for 280 days Now safe in Germany he helps intelligence officials track down terrorists  He has so far

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More Taxpayer-Owned Shares In Lloyds Bank WILL Be Sold Soon, Chancellor Philip Hammond Reveals 

Taxpayer still £3.6billion of Lloyds shares bought in the financial crisis The huge bailout of the bank carried out in 2008 has taken years to unwind Government

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Real Madrid Boss Zinedine Zidane Insists 'It's Good Cristiano Ronaldo Was Upset'

Cristiano Ronaldo was substituted in the 72nd minute during the 2-2 draw  Ronaldo was angry about Zinedine Zidane's choice to take him off the pitch Ronaldo was

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