The UK's Uninsured Driver Hotspots Revealed: You're Most At Risk In East London

November 30, -0001
  • Churchill study finds 13.4% of all cars in East London aren’t insured
  • Five of the top 10 worst (based on percentage of vehicles in the area) are in the nation’s capital
  • Scotland and Home Counties have the least uninsured motorists, study said

More than one in ten cars in East London are driven by uninsured drivers.

That’s according to new analysis by Churchill Car Insurance, which found that around 216,000 of the capital’s 3.9 million motorists are on the road without cover.

But East London is the area most riddled with the issue – some 13.4 per cent of all the car owners in the region are uninsured, the study claimed. That compares to an average of 

A capital crammed with uninsured cars: Churchill calculated that around 216,000 of London's 3.9 million motorists drive without having cover

A capital crammed with uninsured cars: Churchill calculated that around 216,000 of London’s 3.9 million motorists drive without having cover

But it’s an issue that’s affecting the length and breadth of the nation, with at least one in 15 drivers in each area in the UK’s top ten uninsured vehicle hotspots behind the wheel without any cover. 

These includes Liverpool, Bradford and Manchester as well as the nation’s capital. 

Five of the top ten UK uninsured vehicle hotspots – as a percentage of vehicles in the area – are located in London, Churchill discovered.

As well as East London, North, South East, North West and East Central London are all plagued by the same problem, though the east-side of the capital is by far worse than the rest of the city and the nation as a whole.

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Mark Chiappino from Churchill said the new analysis should not only raise awareness for insured motorists who are under threat from others driving without cover, but also act as a motivator for the Government to implement bigger penalties on those who choose to drive illegally.

Area Percentage of vehicles that are uninsured Chance of vehicle involved in an accident being uninsured
East London 13.40% 1 in 8
North London 9.30% 1 in 11
South East London 9.10% 1 in 11
Liverpool 7.90% 1 in 13
Bradford 7.60% 1 in 13
Manchester 7.40% 1 in 14
North West London 7.40% 1 in 14
Oldham 7.20% 1 in 14
Ilford 7.10% 1 in 14
East Central London 6.60% 1 in 15
Source: Churchill Car Insurance 

‘The number of uninsured vehicles on the roads is alarming,’ he said. 

‘Drivers across the UK are paying higher premiums as a result of unscrupulous drivers that fail to insure their vehicles. 

‘We are calling for a greater recognition of the risks of uninsured motoring in the UK and far tougher penalties for those convicted of this offence.’

The insurer also said that it’s unacceptable for law-abiding motorists to suffer if they’re involved in a prang with an uninsured driver. 

‘We believe that people shouldn’t be penalised if they are hit by an uninsured driver, Chiappino added.

‘If a motorist is involved in a collision with an uninsured vehicle, that isn’t their fault, we will protect the policyholders’ no claims bonus and pay the excess.’

In absolute terms, the insurance provider said the highest number of uninsured vehicles are located in Birmingham.

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The UK’s second city is estimated to be home to 55,142 non-covered vehicles – based on Churchill’s study. Manchester (37,167), Belfast (30,504) and Liverpool (27,364) also rank in the top five. 

The results of the analysis also tally with findings from the Motor Insurance Bureau.

A Lamborghini Aventador - worth around £400,000 - which was among the vehicles seized by police during a crackdown on uninsured cars in London in October 2013

A Lamborghini Aventador – worth around £400,000 – which was among the vehicles seized by police during a crackdown on uninsured cars in London in October 2013

It believes there are over one million uninsured drivers on the road, which means being involved in an accident with one of these motorists driving illegally is a very real possibility. 

Worryingly,  this might explain why Department for Transport data shows that around ten per cent of road traffic accidents, where an injury has been sustained, involve a ‘hit and run’ driver.

Area Estimated number of uninsured vehicles
Birmingham 55,142
Manchester 37,167
East London 34,436
Belfast 30,504
Liverpool 27,364
Source: Churchill Car Insurance 

Ashton West, CEO at the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, commented: ‘Only four years ago, East London was the home of the Olympics, a focus of immense pride. Today it’s been given a less welcome title; that of the home of uninsured driving. 

‘But actually it’s a nationwide issue and affects many other key UK cities including Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford and Leeds. MIB is committed to raising awareness about the problem and driving down levels of uninsured driving.’

On a regional level London leads the way for uninsured vehicles, followed by the North West and West Midlands. 

The lowest number of insured vehicles is found in Wales, but as a percentage of the vehicles on the road Scotland and Home Counties have the lowest proportion of uninsured vehicles.  

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Regions Estimated Uninsured Vehicles Total number of vehicles Percentage of cars that are uninsured Chance of vehicle involved in an accident being uninsured
Greater London 215,970 3,932,057 5.50% 1 in 18
North West 175,625 4,083,301 4.30% 1 in 23
West Midlands 110,337 3,349,283 3.30% 1 in 30
Yorkshire & Humberside 69,572 2,496,204 2.80% 1 in 36
North East 58,138 1,645,789 3.50% 1 in 28
South East 56,334 3,381,834 1.70% 1 in 60
East of England 52,329 2,720,730 1.90% 1 in 52
South West 52,098 3,798,438 1.40% 1 in 73
East Midlands 50,303 2,120,780 2.40% 1 in 42
East England 46,169 3,055,754 1.50% 1 in 66
Wales 43,665 1,858,267 2.30% 1 in 43
Scotland 38,956 2,764,042 1.40% 1 in 71
Northern Ireland 30,504 1,038,109 2.90% 1 in 34
Source: Churchill Car Insurance         

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